Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BOOK-tunes: That Wedding

It's BOOK-tunes time. The random inspiration has struck again and That Wedding by Jillian Dodd is at the receiving end:-) Track #1 is a song Ingrid Michaelson write about Phillip and JJ. Okay, no she didn't, but she could have. The song is definitely about them....

So when I read a book, the scenes play in my mind like a movie. This next song plays during the "movie" scene where Phillip has just given JJ the necklace (insert dialogue). The scene ends with them staring into each others eyes (song begins to play) they kiss and then the scene changes to the wedding party coming down the isle, then JJ while the whole time we hear Marry Me by Train (sigh).

The next song was selected by the author herself :-) It's the song she can hear playing at the bar when Jay is dancing with Nick. Track #3 is American Wasted by New Medicine

Now for Track #4, a song that was actually in the book. It's their song. And if you don't know who I mean by their, I suggest you read the book ;-) Keith Urban, I'm In.

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