Sunday, April 22, 2012

I will say it AGAIN..The best books in life AREN'T free!

I received this message through goodreads this morning and I was disgusted, appalled, and YES ANYA...I was offended!

I've tried not to make a big deal out of this, but the more I think about it the angrier I get! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!! What's sad is that this is how most people think. They use weak and contradictory rationalizations to try and make something that is wrong, right! Does she think I'm that stupid! She even acknowledges in the very first line that this is "condemnable, unspeakable and downnright wrong", those are HER words!! I just don't understand. Some may think it's wrong for me to post her "personal" message all over the internet, but if she's not doing anything "wrong" what does she have to hide. If you're going to go there, have enough integrity to at least own it; take responsibility. The only way that this is going to stop is if we take a stand. Doing NOTHING is guilt by omission!!

Here is my original post on file sharing

If you're having a hard time seeing the screenshot, you can view it on facebook


  1. I saw this on your FB. Very unfortunate. Thanks for sharing this to everyone, Mollie. You rock girl and stick to your guns :)

  2. ummmm where does this chick live the freakin actic circle ??? the excuse of not being able to get it is just LAME .
    why didnt she just contact Jamie if it was sooooooo important to her .grrrrrrr this shit makes me angry

    ok ahhhhh i feel better now lol
    cheers mate , feel better now

  3. Wow...That is all I can say. Wow! Unfortunately there are many people like that. The worst is when I am doing a signing and the parents ask the kids if they want a book, they get them excited and then say no when they realize the book is not free!

  4. Thank you! Perfect reaction. I sent 3 years getting Unlovable published, I only charge $3.95. I am NOT getting rich!

  5. Thanks Mollie for giving life to this unspoken crime and it is a crime. Last month about 1000 copies of my titles were "shared" which is just a nice way of saying stolen. So as an Indie author, I now have to add internet police to my job description, as if any of us have time for that. Sharing copyrighted material is STEALING!!!

  6. I'm sorry, but, if you can't acquire a book honestly, you shouldn't have it. End of story.