Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where oh where have all the posts gone...

You may have noticed a change in the blogosphere lately. Quiet, peaceful, appropriate, and BORING ;-) For the month of June I'll be volunteering at a summer camp (God help the children). After one week, me and the kids are still standing, but I miss my book people. Even though kicking ass at hula hoop and judging the smelliest shoe contest is great fun, internet withdraws are eminent!! I'll be around on weekends to get my fix, but enjoy the calm while you can. Come July, I'll be back with a vengeance!

It was great coming home and finding that we are only 7 followers away from the 183 followers giveaway! Whoo to the hoo!!!!  Even though posts will be limited during the week, I promise to play super catch up on the weekends! Thank you so much for your patience and know that I'll make it up to you in July! Thanks for following. READ ON!!!

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  1. You're now down to 4 :) Enjoy the camp, what a kind lady you are :D We'll miss you until come july!!!