Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love Unscripted Giveaway Winners

I have some happy news and a little sad news. The happy news is that I'm about to announce the winners of the I need it NOW giveaway! The sad news is that I had to pull four different names before I got the actual winners. Why? Well, the first few names I pulled did not complete the tasks that they had marked completed in rafflecopter (yes I do check). Now I love all of my followers and know that they would never intentionally do anything dishonest and am sure they meant to complete the required tasks, but forgot. Hey it happens, but unfortunately I had to disqualify those from the giveaway. In the future, just be sure you fill out everything required in rafflecopter and remember to complete the tasks you mark completed. Trust me, I'm scatter brained too sometimes. So, without further ado the giveaway winners are...

Garianne Redden (Kindle Copy)
Ashley Haid (Paperback Copy)

**CONGRATULATIONS! I'll be sending you an email shortly. Please respond within 48 hours with the information needed. Thanks to everyone who entered and I really do wish I could give everyone a copy of this amazing book. Yall are amazing! READ ON!

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