Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Saving Grace by J.M. Hill

Grace Burke doesn’t need a thing. She enjoys her quiet life in Fall Rivers, Colorado—running a bookstore and coffee shop with her cousin, Kate. The two have a successful business, a small circle of friends, and each other. What more could she want? When the Anderson brothers move into the house across the street, it doesn’t take long for her to realize exactly what she’s been missing. At first sight, the youngest brother, Michael, captures Grace’s heart, and her quiet life is disrupted. 

Then it turns upside down.

Grace isn’t the only one with eyes for Michael. Nina Sandler, one of Michael’s clients, threatens to come between them. When Nina can’t get Michael’s attention, she focuses on Grace—in a very dangerous way. But love is never easy and if the best things in life are worth fighting for, then Grace must find the courage to fight. Not just for love and happiness but for her very life.

You know those books you read where you really want to give them fours stars, but it just wouldn't be fair to your other four star books. Well color me in a predicament because that's exactly how I'm feeling right now! Saving Grace was a book I'm glad I read. It's so close to getting that extra star that I can feel it copping a feel. That fourth star is like an "excited" puppy that I feel really bad shaking off my leg. 

Let me start by saying this is a "clean new adult romance". Yes, I do read clean romances and most importantly I thoroughly enjoy them. Not all stories need sex. WAIT! Control-print-screen because yes I just said that! It is possible to have intimacy, passion and romance without sex. Not all authors can pull it off, but J.M. Hill did a fine job. However, I would have liked for her to address why Grace and Michael were waiting. Was it their values, upbringing, religion? I think it's a beautiful thing when two people wait, but I would have liked to know why. 

One thing I loved about this book was the time and development the author took with the relationship. No insta-love here people. The "relationship foreplay" was amazingly done. However, the first half of the book did drag. I know, I know! I'm about to be frisked by the contradiction police. I loved the length of the relationship development, but the plot didn't develop in the same way. I needed more to be happening. If the author would have paced the first half like she did the second half, then this book would have been four stars easy! Garrett is who saved those first several chapters for me. His and Grace's friendship turned me into a giggling pile of goo. You're happy with them just being friends, but damn I wish she would have written in a girl for him. I want a Garrett!!

I can't say enough about the second half, it was fast paced and a complete shock. I know the synopsis says danger, but I never imagined anything like that! Plus it brought out the alpha male protective nature of Michael and boy is that the way right down to my...heart ;-) It ended strong and I'm really glad I took a chance with Saving Grace. Curious to see what's next for Ms. Hill. READ ON!


  1. Is this out yet? It looks really good (:

    1. Yes mam! She's also going to write a spin off about one of the brothers Garrett!

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry I'm just now replying. Yes, you can get it on amazon :-)