Monday, October 15, 2012

I ate serious for breakfast....and it was delicious!

I've recently been converted to seriousism. I've been seriously serious lately...seriously. I'm really not sure what they put in the water or who spiked the kool aid, but I've been deliberately contemplative and reflective. Sincere even. Act of maturity?? God I hope not. Temporary insanity? Maybe. 

Three. Count them three reviews...and they're ALL serious! SERIOUSLY!! Coincidence that they all happen to be amazing novels?? I think not. Perhaps they've impressed the funny right out of me. Maybe something this good doesn't need humor. Maybe I really can be serious?? Maybe it's PMS.

Either way, enjoy the seriousness while you can and check out these amazing books! READ ON!!!

The Sea of Tranquility  Ruining Me  What Happens Next


  1. Srsly love these books and those reviews! I think it's great how the books tell you how they want to be reviewed, and that you are willing to listen.

    1. The books are the boss and I'm their bitch!! I love you Fred!!!

  2. Pretty sure I loved you first, not that I'm keeping track or anything.