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Date Me by Jillian Dodd: Review & GIVEAWAY

Date Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #3)
by Jillian Dodd

Release day: April 9th, 2013

I’m not scripting my life anymore.
I’m living it.
I’m done with the God of all Hotties.
I’m going to give my heart to the boy who I think deserves it.
The boy whose kisses are hotter than molten lava.
The boy who offered me the key to his heart.
The boy who asked me to Homecoming in a big, sexy way.

There are so many things to look forward to.
Parties at the Cave. Homecoming festivities. Drama Tryouts. Shopping trips to NY.
But things aren’t always as perfect as they seem.
I find out that my best friend has been keeping a secret from me.
Not that I can blame him.
I have secrets too.
But, for now, I’m going to pretend I’m just a normal girl.
I’m going to pretend he’s not still out there.
I’m going to pretend he’s not getting desperate.
I’m going to pretend I’ll never see him again.
But, I will.
And this time, I might not get away.

My Review

Curve balls to the heart and a drug test...

I’m seriously thinking about having The Keatyn Chronicles drug tested. No seriously. If I made it pee words in a cup, it would come back positive.

It's like Jillian Dodd laced this series with heroine, I'm addicted. Everything about what's going on...the guys....the indecision. It drives me bat shit crazy, but I can't get ENOUGH!!!

This book picks up exactly where Kiss Me left off. And just like its predecessors, it drove me insane, completely insane. Even the parts you don’t like, you tolerate, and the parts you hate, you love. It’s a crazy addiction that I can’t explain.

For us Team Dawsoners, he was…how do I put this? Very much about the sex and less about the love. Aiden got all the quality conversations, and deep moments. Don’t get me wrong, Dawson was still sexy, sweet, and caring, but he breathed sex. He showed his love in a very physical way. I’m still Team Dawson though!! TEAM DAWSON....and his penis!!

Despite my devotion for Team Dawson; it officially has some alternates now. Dallas and Riley won me over in a big way. Especially Riley. I absolutely love them. LOVE!!

If I’m going to be completely honest though, this book scared me. I’m afraid of what happened…what’s to come. So much unknown. So much speculation. So much confusion. I want what I want and I’m afraid it may go in another direction. I’m afraid to be hit in the heart with a curve ball. However, it’s the fact that I care so damn much that shows just how truly unique and addictive this series is. If you haven’t read The Keatyn Chronicles, GO! NOW!


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The amazing Jillian Dodd is allowing TCBR to giveaway an autographed set of Stalk Me, Kiss Me, & Date Me! Yes, the ENTIRE set! The only requirement is to "like" Jillian Dodd & The Keatyn Chronicles on facebook. There will also be several other ways to earn bonus entries. YES!! I will be verify the entries so please be honest.One winner will be selected via rafflecopter on Sunday, April 7th.


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  2. Dying to read! Glad you're team Dawson... and his penis LOL. I won't have to rip your hair out and fight for that twinky 'cause I'm all about Aiden. Mmmm. TEAM AIDEN :b

  3. Oh my god! I <3 Dawes! I'm kinda thinking that maybe MoonBoy is Damian, though. Ugh. This series will be the death of me!
    (Oh, and I already like JD and KC on facebook!)

  4. Already like both Jillian and the KC on facebook, haven't read them yet but they are on my tbr list!

  5. I only own these on my Kindle app so winning these books would be awesome!

  6. I love these books. She is my Favorite Author. I already liked on face book.

  7. I have heard so many good things about these books! And I can definitely see myself getting addicted to them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I can't WAIT for tomorrow! I have a feeling I will not be sleeping... lol :)