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IT'S HERE & IT'S LIVE! Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn: Review & GIVEAWAY!

Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If my hands could be someone else’s hands, I think I’d want those hands to be Priscilla Glenn’s. She writes in a way that flows so effortlessly it’s almost like she’s breathing the words. She inhales, then exhales a book.

I’m going to play the honesty card right now and admit that after reading Emancipating Andie, I was a little indifferent. My head was still wrapped all over Back to You...all over. I was expecting it and I got that. My expectations were clouding my judgment. Shame on me! Do we really want authors to reincarnate the same books over and over again? What’s so wrong with different?

This is the book you need when you’re tired of being the cliffhanger’s bitch. The book you need when you want a break from the ones that Temple of Doom your heart, rip it out, and play hacky sack with it, putting it back a little darker than it was before. A book that doesn’t push your limits. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those things, but sometimes I need...I need...I need something else. This is something else.

People are always coming to me after reading books like Captive in the Dark, The Fault in Our Stars, or Taking Chances wanting to read something good, but at the same time needing a break from being emotionally fucked. I think Emancipating Andie is that perfect break.

It is a slow building, painfully well-written story full of passion and great characters. At first I thought it was a little slow, but I realized that sometimes it’s good to slow things down. Sometimes a pinch of this and a dash of that makes some damn good cookies. This was a damn good cookie.

I fell in love with Chase! He had the asshole gene that makes your racing heart drop right between your legs. His and Andie’s story was slow and sweet, hard and soft. It had its share of drama, but just enough to keep the pace. The book does contain a pseudo love triangle, but not in the way you think. I hate to be triangled but after EA, Priscilla Glenn has earned the right to triangle me anytime!!

Don’t go into this book thinking you’re going to read another Back to You. You will cheat yourself out of enjoying a really good book. A book you need to read when you want the perfect romance that won’t leave you hanging.


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Ever since the one time Andie Weber threw caution to the wind - and paid the price for it - she’s learned that it’s safer and smarter to live life playing by the rules. Now she’s got a great apartment, a steady job, and a wonderful boyfriend in Colin; he’s sweet, stable, and essentially perfect – except maybe for the fact that his best friend is Chase.

Chase McGuire lives his carefree, unstructured life strictly for himself. Dripping sarcasm and oozing wit, he refuses to censor his feelings or opinions for anyone, making no apologies for either and wearing his abrasiveness like a badge of honor. No one has ever gotten under Andie’s skin the way Chase does – and vice versa.

So when Andie and Chase find themselves forced to take a two-day road trip together, they are already dreading an inevitable all-out war. But as the trip progresses, and the undeniable friction that has always defined their relationship slowly begins to wear away their preconceived notions of each other, Andie and Chase discover they both have a lot to learn about life, courage, happiness, and the age-old battle between logic and love. 

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  1. I can't wait to read this, Mollie. I loved Back To You so much. Thanks for the giveaway.

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