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NEW REVIEW: Breakable by Tammara Webber

Breakable by Tammara Webber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"When doubts become ignorance, and ignorance becomes awesome…."

He was lost and alone. Then he found her.
And the future seemed more fragile than ever.

As a child, Landon Lucas Maxfield believed his life was perfect and looked forward to a future filled with promise — until tragedy tore his family apart and made him doubt everything he ever believed.

All he wanted was to leave the past behind. When he met Jacqueline Wallace, his desire to be everything she needed came so easy…

As easy as it could be for a man who learned that the soul is breakable and that everything you hoped for could be ripped away in a heartbeat.

My Review

I didn't TBR Breakable (insert audible gasp here). Nope, I did not. It had nothing to do with not liking Easy, because I LOVED Easy. I LOVE Tammara Webber, but my interest seemed disinterested. It's a commonality of late, take your best seller, write it from a different POV (usually the male's) and new life is breathed into an already told story. Don't get me wrong, several authors have been very successful in doing this, and I've loved some of the literary reboots that I've read, but with my ever growing TBR list, who has time for it?

So here it goes….

Are you ready for this?

Really ready for this?


I. Was. Wrong.

I'll say it again, because it kind of got caught in my throat, I WAS WRONG.

This was not Easy. It had parts of Easy told from Lucas's POV, but it's not that book. It was so much more. This was Lucas's story. I enjoyed getting to see the parts of Easy from his POV, but it was his beginning that had me so captivated.

This was the beginning.

Now with the risk of contradicting myself, I will say that I still recommend reading Easy first. The reason is, I feel like this book was written on the assumption that the reader has already read it. Yes, technically it could be read as a standalone, but the parts of Easy weren't as developed as the original book's, and by experiencing them through Breakable some of what I loved about Easy, the emotion, the overall experience, will be lost. You're first experience with Easy should be through Easy. This is just my personal opinion so take it or leave it.

Breakable was amazing, and I truly feel it did nothing but make this series even better. It was a completely new book, a totally new experience. There was so much about Lucas that I didn't know, so many layers. Getting to experience his life, and the life that brought him to Jacqueline, was the best gift the author could have given us. We also get some additional Lucas and Jacqueline scenes, and closure that was only made possible through this fast paced and emotional edition. I'm so glad my ignorant doubt was replaced by awesome. Well done Ms. Webber! Well done!


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  1. A rehashing of the same story is exactly why I was hesitating to read this book. I loved Easy so much that I didn't want this book to ruin my happy bubble. I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it and had the same thoughts as me before going into it. Great review!