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That Baby by Jillian Dodd: Review and GIVEAWAY!

That Baby by Jillian Dodd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s amazing how a few little words can change your life. 
It starts with a simple I love you. 
It’s made official with I do.
And becomes incredible with I’m pregnant.
Jadyn is the girl I love. The girl I’ve always loved. 
Our lives are like single threads meticulously woven together—the result an exquisite tapestry of past, present, and future. 
Then there are the words that will unravel me.
A few little words that will change my life.

That Journey

I was in my final semester of nursing school when I stumbled upon a book. This particular book caught my attention because of my unfeigned obsession with the idea of best friends becoming lovers. There is something so incredibly special about the evolution of a love that begins with the purity of friendship. It also makes the build, the tension such an amazing experience. I wanted That Experience. What I got was a journey.

That Boy will forever be one of my favorite books of all time. Sometimes when you read a friends-to-lovers romance, you are briefly told about the friendship. The entire focus of the book begins with the romance, but the relationship has no shape. No foundation. Something is lost. That Boy let me experience the friendship. But it also did more than that. I was seized by so many different facets of love; love between family, friends, lovers. I didn't just experience it, I lived it.

I knew That Baby was coming, so I waited....and waited.

And waited.

Several covers later, and countless re-reads, That Baby finally arrived.

I don't think I realized how much I missed these characters until I was heart deep, existing on a journey that started so many years ago. Jillian has poured so much heart into every single one of her characters.

In past books, Jayden definitely wore the crown for most frustrating female, but in That Baby Lori strips the title and takes it to an entirely new level. It was nice to see so much growth from JJ. Danny and Phillip are exactly the same, but in the most amazing way. However, we do get to experience a few things (both past and present) from Danny's point of view, which only made me love him more. We also get to experience Phillip's point of view during a most heartbreaking moment. These experience were priceless.

The humor was also there, so many laugh out loud moments, but it was the emotional impact of the ending that had me holding on for dear life. So many feels. So many great memories. For some, this series isn't perfect, but it was absolutely perfect for me. Thank you Jillian Dodd for that experience!!


Important things to note about this series:

*This series does not contain a love triangle!
*Sometimes Jayden will frustrate you to epic proportions, but hang in there.
*You will fall desperately in love with Phillip and Danny. Desperately.
*That Boy (Book #1) is currently FREE!! 
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