Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Sacrifice (Crave #2) by Melinda Metz

Sacrifice (Crave, #2)Sacrifice by Melinda Metz

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Gabriel and Shay are convinced that they can make their relationship work. Knowing that Shay is half-vampire, Gabriel thinks that his coven will embrace her as one of their own, but instead they view her as an abomination, a thing that doesn’t belong in either world. And they want her dead. Now Gabriel must make the ultimate decision - watch his love be killed by his coven or defy the people closest to him, the people he has spent centuries with to save her.

Because of this book, I might have to go back and give Crave an honorary 4th star. Crave's story started off slow, but ended with a BANG. I only gave it three stars because of the rocky first half. I was hoping Sacrifice would continue on the momentum and earn that 4th star. Sadly it ended up being the opposite of Crave; started off great, but lost its momentum. I was disappointed. I hate to give it two stars, but it definitely was worse than the first one (hence the potential honorary 4th star for Crave). Be prepared to be denied the addictive heat between Shay and Gabriel. They went from passionately doing "you-know-what" in book 1 to not even being around each other for the majority of Sacrifice. Shay and Gabriel is what made the second half of Crave so fantastically amazing and well worth the read! In Sacrifice, that all gets taken away! This may have to go into the category of "series that fizzled then sizzled then fizzled again". I must go now and add that shelf to my library...

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