Monday, February 27, 2012


Stand back Simon & Shuster; make way HarperCollins because self published authors are taking the literary world by storm and all I can say is let it rain! With the explosion of digital technology and the emergence of e-books, more and more authors are able to get their stories read and read I have. How often have you read a book from a big publishing house and thought, "Out of thousands and thousands of manuscripts, that's the one they chose to publish?" Heck slap a pretty cover on it, do a little mass media marketing and bam...New York Times Best Seller. I think not. Being repeatedly impressed, astounded, and wowed beyond belief by self published authors, I do nothing, but seek out their books. My favorites shelf has been invaded, held hostage, and changed forever! I encourage you to check out these wonderful books, but also help share them. Blog, write reviews, send recommendations, stalk, or shout from the roof tops; I don't care, but help promote these amazing authors!!

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amie McGuire                    
If you don't recognize this squirrelly read head, then get out from underneath your rock and read her books. Which one? Take your pick; she's 3 for 3. If you're reading a Jamie McGuire book then you can't lose. She's probably best known for her book Beautiful Disaster or technically Travis Maddox; bad boy turned love of my life. Whether she's writing contemporary romance or paranormal, Jamie always delivers one hot steamy romance and a killer plot. Be advised that her books are for older young adults or new adults.

“To douchebags!" he said, gesturing to Brad. "And to girls that break your heart," he bowed his head to me. His eyes lost focus. "And to the absolute fucking horror of losing your best friend because you were stupid enough to fall in love with her.”

Beautiful DisasterProvidence (Providence, #1)Requiem (Providence #2)

 S.C. Stephens

 S.C. Stephens got her start writing stories on fanfiction which of course everyone loved. Now she's like a volcano on steroids. She just keeps shooting one hot book out after the next; they keep coming and coming (no pun intended). Okay, maybe that was a little bit naughty ;-) I enjoyed all of her books, but my absolute FAVORITE is her Thoughtless series. I suggest you start there and if you don't completely fall in love with Kellan Kyle I suggest you re-evaluate your sexual orientation. Just Saying :-)

He relaxed and looked at my lips and then my eyes and then back to my lips. “How do we do that? This is what we do…back and forth, back and forth. You want me, you want him. You love me, you love him. You like me, you hate me, you want me, you don’t want me, you love me…you leave me. There’s so much that went wrong before…” S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

ThoughtlessEffortless (Thoughtless, #2)

Jillian Dodd

Jillian Dodd is my most recent find. It's like I tripped and landed into complete awesomeness. I have never been so wrapped up in a ficticious romance before in my life. Her prose are flawless, hilarious, and heart-shattering. She writes romance in such a way that you're actually living it. Plus she wrote Phillip, the ficticious father of my future children.

Some romance will knock you to your knees, but Jillian Dodd will knock you down, run you over and then do it again. And by the end, you'll be begging her to please do it again.

“Love is friendship gone mad.”Jillian Dodd, That Wedding

That BoyThat Wedding (That Boy, #2)

Sherry Gammon

One amazing trait an author can posses is the ability to bring you something different, something unique, and something special. Sherry Gammon brought all of these things in her debut novel Unlovable. I never knew that books could have so much passion without sex; she brings values to her novels, but at the same time staying true to real life. I think of her as a pioneer and am looking forward to seeing how she develops as an author :-)

That's stereotyping." he said kissing me until I was completely lost. "Tell me would a gay man kiss like that?.”
Sherry Gammon, Unlovable

Unlovable (Port Fare, #1)Unbelievable (Port Fare, #2)


Jessica Park

“I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. It's the way I take them OFF that makes me better than you.”
Jessica Park, Flat-Out Love

                 Flat-Out Love    Link to Jessica Park

Tina Reber

“There's only one thing I need." I placed my hand on his heart. "The rest is just details.”
Tina Reber, Love Unscripted

                      Love Unscripted (Love, #1)      Link to Tina Reber

Cindy C. Bennett

Kristie Cook

Shelly Crane


  1. Thank you, Mollie, on behalf of all self-pubbed authors for championing us! I'm so glad you were able to step out of bad image of self-pubbed authors the publishers are trying to force on readers everywhere and see the value in so many of these wonderful authors. They try to make you believe that we choose self publishing because we can't make it in the big leagues. Guess what? I've done both, and I can see the extreme value in self-publishing. In what other walk of life is do-it-yourself a bad thing?

    On a personal note, thanks for mentioning me along with these other amazing women! I'm honored. :o)

  2. Holy hell you hit this right on the money! Some of my favs listed here and now I have more to look forward too. You're posts are great, new follower here!

  3. Hey!! I didn't see this post till now! You are awesome, Mollie. Thank you so much. I appreciate all your support. If you are half as good at nursing as you are a being a friend, your patients will be very lucky!

  4. SHERRY!! You're going to make me cry! Yall are awesome!! Yalls books are what keeps me sane during school :-)