Friday, March 2, 2012

BOOK-tunes: That Boy by Jillian Dodd

So usually when I post BOOK-tunes it's at random because that's how the inspiration strikes. I may hear a song and then (insert blinding light-bulb here or perhaps the hallelujah chorus). A song will usually make me think of a certain book or more specifically a certain scene; the song picks the book. However, lately EVERY song I hear reminds me of That Boy. If it has the word love in the song, I think of Phillip and JJ. Oh Phillip...Sorry, back on track here. I've narrowed it down to a few that I think represent this fabulous book. So for the first time ever, I have posted MORE than one submission to BOOK-tunes! Enjoy :-)

The first song isn't necessarily for a certain scene, but a song that makes me think of Phillip and JJ. Kind of like their theme song. Track 1: Speak to Me Gently by Future of Forestry

"Love waits for you."

This next song is one I can hear playing during the funeral scene or perhaps in a montage of scenes following the tragedy. Track 2: Lay Your Head Down by Peter Bradley Adams

If it isn't blatantly obvious, this song goes along with the last chapter of the book. I mean did Snow Patrol write this for Phillip and JJ?  ;-)
Track 3: Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol

"So just tell me today and take my hand."

So this last track I had to throw in. It's one that's definitely going to show my age, but it's TOTALLY Phillip. An oldie, but a goodie :-)
Track 4: I'll Stand by You by The Pretenders


  1. Hey, Mollie! I have some awards for you blog on my blog so check it out! Feel free to pass them along or not :D

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the books and connected with the characters enough to find them so many great songs. Totally agree with the Snow Patrol song. It would be great for the ending of the movie version. (Like if they ever made a movie of it!!) I have a couple songs that I listened to when I wrote That wedding. I think you've read it too. New Medicine's American Wasted is what I pictured her dancing to with Nick in the bar. Then Keith Urban's I'm in is the song they dance to at the swings and for their first wedding dance. It's very original how you match books to songs. Very cool!!

  3. THANKS VICTORIA :-) I'm glad you liked it Jillian. It's a weird thing I do with books. They play like movies in my head and of course movies have soundtracks, lol. I already have a few for That Wedding too, but was going to wait until I have the review up to post. I'll probably add your suggestions to the post if you don't mind of course :-)

  4. that's fine with me!!