Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick #7) by Kristen Ashley

Sadie Townsend is known by all as The Ice Princess and she’s worked hard to earn her reputation. Her father, a now-incarcerated Drug Lord, has kept her under his thumb her whole life and she’s learned enough from living in his world to give everyone the cold shoulder. But one inebriated night, she shows the Real Sadie to the undercover agent she knows is investigating her father, the handsome Hector Chavez, and he knows he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

Hector makes one (huge) mistake; he waits for Sadie to come to him. Tragedy strikes and Sadie’s got a choice, she can retreat behind her Ice Fortress or she can embrace the Rock Chick/Hot Bunch World. Guided by Hector, the Rock Chicks, the Hot Bunch and her new gay roommates, Buddy and Ralphie, Sadie negotiates a life out from under her father’s thumb, a life that includes poison, arson and learning how to make s’mores.

Kit doesn't waste any time getting down to business in Rock Chick Regret/ We usually have to wait until at least half way through the book before someone gets kidnapped, blown-up, beat-up, or sexually assaulted, but in Rock Chick Regret Kit tackles the plot head on. The book explodes with a heart-breaking introduction to Sadie and Hector!

I adored everything about this book, it was my third favorite in the Rock Chick series. The "intimate" moments, okay the SEX, between Sadie and Hector made me a little moist! My eyes were moist, with TEARS! When Hector holds back to protect Sadie, I died! I was moved, touched, my heart literally tried to punch through my chest!

The unconditional chivalry of the "Hot Bunch" is the biggest turn-on. I fantasize about being part of their group and Lee f--king Nightingale is the dark defender of every damn thing that's good! This book will make you want to jump right into the story so you can be part of everything. With Kit's beautiful writing, you feel like you're part of everything. My only question is...What the hell am I suppose to read now!!!

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