Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Talania-A Trip Down Memory Lane by Crystal Spears

Talania-A Trip Down Memory Lane
by Crystal Spears

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What happens when you literally get a second chance at love?

Evelyn Beaumont can't remember anything from the time she was 14 until she was 19. She lost five years of her life because of brain cancer. Now she is a 20 years old survivor and enrolled in college, determined to reclaim her life. There she meets Tristan Monroe, but it isn't the first time they’ve met. In fact, Tristan and Evelyn were once in love. It was a love so strong that it shattered him when, after the three years they had spent together, she never came back to Laguna.

Evelyn wants nothing more than to have her memories back. With the help of Tristan and his brother Drake, they take Evelyn on an emotional journey filled with videos, photos, and memorabilia...a walk down memory lane.

While they stroll down memory lane, Evelyn must learn to deal with Tristan's rock star fame and the ever-present groupies. She struggles to find herself and to learn to love again.

Is their love strong enough to overcome the memory loss? Is it strong enough to survive whatever comes their way? Will all the proof Tristan shares with her be enough to show her how deeply they loved each other? Will love find Evelyn once again?

My Review

On my trip down memory lane my emotions were wrecked!

I have spent the past thirty minutes staring at my screen with absolutely no clue what to write. Seriously, I'm very close to, "Read this book. That is all. Goodbye!"

Not because this book doesn't deserve better, but because I'm afraid this book deserves more than I can give.

Reading this book is like walking on thin ice. You know it's going to break any second. You can hear it crack, and what's waiting for you is worse than the painful shock of cold, lifeless water. But you keep going. It was like being in a haunted house of emotions. You keep expecting something to jump out from around every corner...every page.

All dramatic analogies aside, this book brought me up...down. It was a beautiful love story. A unique love story. One that had me praying with each word. Throughout the entire book I kept hoping...hoping that I wasn't going to break. I broke.

I broke when Evelyn and Tristan reconnected.

I broke from the weight of

I broke when Tristan broke.

My heart was a puppet and Crystal Spears had the strings. She pretty much scared the shit out of me and squeezed my emotions until they were dry.

If you need a beautiful story of romance, passion, and a male character whose tears will become your own then this book is for you. I definitely recommend it!!


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  1. this sounds great can't wait to read it will have to put on my tbr list

  2. Fantastic review! <3 Crystal D. Spears!

  3. It's on my TBR list :) sounds awesome!

  4. Sounds like the book is full of passion & heartbreak. I can't wait to read it.

  5. I can't wait to get and read this book!! I've been teased by many who've already read it. You have made me want it even more!! <3

  6. awesome. i am so there for this book Thanks Jodi

  7. You did an awesome job on the review ! I couldnt agree with you more !!

  8. Beautiful review!!Loved it..I almost cried reading it..

  9. I finished it in one night!!! It is an awesome book!!

  10. Wow, Mollie! This one sounds amazing! I'll be adding it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing your emotional review. :)

  11. It was a fabulous book. I think all of us survivors got to see some hope