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Beautiful Failure by Mariah Cole: Review, Cover Reveal & GIVEAWAY...

First there was….

…. and then there came….

…and last, but certainly not least I give to you the FINAL cover for Beautiful Failure. For real this time. I swear!

Beautiful Failure by Mariah Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


If you're looking for a heartwarming story about a girl who falls deeply in love with a troubled boy who changes her life--a sob story with pretty metaphors and a million ways that'll tell you how "broken" she is, STOP. Don't read another word of this. 

I'm not that type of girl. 

My name is Emerald Anderson and I'm not going to bullshit you: I flunked out of college after my sophomore year, I've been fired from every job I've ever taken, and I've never had a fully functioning relationship in my life. 

I wish I could say that I had a cheerleader in my corner, someone who says, "No, Emerald--You're great and you are good at something!" but I don't. My grandparents are completely oblivious to my life, and my mother's dying words to me were "You're going to end up just like me one day. A beautiful nothing." 

She was right.

As I decide to start my life over and take two jobs that will forever change me--one from the inside, and one from the outside, I keep my mother's words close to my heart so I can keep the sexy and mysterious Carter Black away. 

He's the first man who's ever pursued me, the first man who seems bent on finding out why I am the way I am, but he's wasting his time. 

I'm not broken. I don't need to be fixed. I'm perfectly fine being a beautiful failure…

My Review

Girls who poop, and a secret….

You know how sometimes you enter a book with absolutely no expectations. A book with only a handful of reviews and ratings. A book by an author you've never heard of. A cover that appears to have a partially naked girl taking a poo in the corner. You know that book.

I live for that book.

This is that book.

I stumbled across Beautiful Failure back in December. I was pulled towards it because of the contrast between an amazing book synopsis and a book cover…well, a book cover of a girl taking a poo in the corner. Okay, not really, but nothing about the cover was eye catching. However, it has since been redone….twice. I live to find amazing books buried beneath a mediocre cover. A book that almost seems to be a well kept secret. An unknown. An unknown that somehow makes the book feel like my secret. A secret I can't wait to share. I live to share.

This. Was. That. Book.

This is me sharing.

I entered Beautiful Failure with very few expectations, but I was left without the comprehension of why more people aren't reading loving this book. Maybe it happened to find me at the perfect time. Maybe it was during a time where there was something very specific that I needed. Maybe Beautiful Failure was exactly what I needed. It isn't perfect. It didn't grip me right away, but it consumed me, entertained me, and left me wanting more.

I loved Emerald for her humor, her honesty. She was such a strong and original character. I couldn't help, but like her. I loved learning about her screwed up past, her screwed up present, and glimpses of strides to alter her undetermined future.

Carter is an enigma. A mystery. Mariah Cole drives you insane by the inference of some secret, some knowledge of Carter that only she has, but is completely unwilling to share….yet. To me, it just made him that much more intriguing. His domineering (and yes, alpha) personality must have an origin, but it has yet to be discovered. What is discovered though, on the very last frickin page, will leave you stunned, and once you recover you'll be begging for more.

I think my favorite aspect of Emerald and Carter's relationship was that she was the one that wanted to push their physical relationship. Carter wasn't the stereotypical male to fall immediately into her vagina. He slowed things down, and the tension it created was delicious.

I was a little confused with certain aspects of the plot that seemed to be a focus, foreshadowing something big to come. However, that wasn't the case. The heighten security at the club seemed to be highlighted along with the creepy officer. So I kept expecting something….something…..well….I just expected something more. It seemed to be an area of repeated focus that never really evolved into anything other than to play a small roll in the plot development.

All that aside though, I couldn't be happier.

It gave me originality.

It gave me feeling.

It gave me entertainment.

It gave me exactly what I needed, and I can't wait for more!!


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