Sunday, January 26, 2014

NEW REVIEW: The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never #2) by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never, #2)The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Five months ago, Camryn and Andrew, both dealing with personal hardships, met on a Greyhound bus. They fell in love and proved that when two people are meant to be together, fate will find a way to make it happen.
Now, in the highly anticipated sequel to The Edge of Never, Camryn and Andrew are pursuing their love for music and living life to the fullest as they always swore to do. But when tragedy befalls them, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. As Camryn tries to numb her pain, Andrew makes a bold decision: To get their life back on track, they'll set out on another cross-country road trip. Together they find excitement, passion, adventure-and challenges they never could have anticipated.

My Review

I always seem to be in love with half of J.A. Redmerski's books….

In The Edge of Never, I went in knowing the response it had already gotten from other readers. However, my response was diluted by expectations. I read the first half convinced I was reading the wrong book. This can't be right. I was on my way to a two star rating, and a heavy dose of disappointment. Then something changed.

About halfway through the book (48% through to be exact). Something changed. Everything changed. The book became more. So. Much. More. I was on the edge. I was proven wrong. I loved what I had experienced. I loved being wrong!!!

I went into The Edge of Always hoping to continue the momentum. I couldn't wait for more. Well, I got more. The book started off so strong. Instead of me having to wait 48% to get to the edge, I was dragged there right away. The bottom dropped out. I was stunned.

Unfortunately, this sequel ended up being the mirror opposite of The Edge of Never. I lost interest. I became bored. I skimmed much of the second half, and kept thinking to myself, "What's the point."

Though I loved the first half, I can't help but wish that The Edge of Never would have never continued. I was completely happy and content with where we left Camryn and Andrew. It was an ending that felt like closure, and I found so much of this sequel unnecessary.


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