Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: First Light (Project Five Fifteen) by Samantha Summers

What do you do when you've always dreamed of a hero; your knight in shining armour, only to find when he arrives he isn't a hero at all? ... He's a killer.

Ronnie Rose is trying to cope with the loss of her father; now it looks like she might lose everything else that's dear to her too. Huge debts threaten to destroy her family, her childhood home and her future. Only one person cuts through her pain. Kalen Smith has just moved to town. He's trouble and everyone knows it. He and his mysterious friends keep to themselves and the town likes it that way. But when Kalen mourns at her dad's funeral, Ronnie wants to know why and her investigation plunges her into a dangerous world of murky government secrets, with deadly consequences. Ronnie knows she should walk away from Kalen before it's too late. Problem is, she's falling for him...

Can we choose who we fall in love with?

Reading the synopsis for First Light very much intrigued my girly bits. What could possibly be hotter than someone sexy and mysterious that actually might want to kill you. Sign me up!

I don't want to say I was disappointed by the plot. I just wasn't grabbed by it like I expected to be and let's face it, I really wanted to be grabbed (by Kalen). The pace wasn't as quick as I thought it would be and found myself asking, "How is this all going to come together?" I know that's a tactic author's use to keep your interest, but for me it never really came together. You have to give me something now; I can only be teased so much. I thought a story about assassins would be filled with non-stop action, but I found the story somewhat uneventful. I didn't really get my big OMG moment until the end.

There were things I really liked about Kalen the book and the secondary characters were fabulous. I'm an older YA (aka adult) that thoroughly enjoys me a good YA-fiction and I truly believe that if I was actually a YA reading this book I would have liked it a lot more. I would definitely call First Light originality mixed with potential! And because of that potential, I just may be reaching for the sequel!

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