Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata

After the death of her parents, Robbie Byrne is put in foster care where she meets her exact opposite, Luc Cintrone. Abandoned as a small child, Luc is a foul-mouthed rebel who takes it upon himself to be her defender, whether she likes it or not. As they grow up, they fumble through their different roles in each other's lives—family, confidants and then, ultimately, lovers.

Just as the couple is settling into their newfound relationship, they encounter a beautiful lawyer, Payten, who is immediately taken by Luc's rough edges. But he denies her, making him absolutely irresistible in her eyes. Payten is a woman who has grown accustomed in her privileged life in obtaining whatever she wants, no matter the cost or sacrifice. And she is fairly confident Luc will eventually see things her way…one way or another.

This book was a total conundrum. I've been sitting on this review for a while now because I honestly didn't know what to think. I even asked some of my fellow reviewers to read the book so they could tell me what to think. So here's what I think I think....

Modern Love Story is a kick ass book that was almost ruined by the plot. Wait, WHAT?!?! The first half of the book was a-effin-mazing!!! It was like Callum & Harper meets The Opportunist. The drama, the sexual tension; it was screaming five-star rating. Life long friends turned lovers is definitely my g-spot!! All the right ingredients for an amazing cocktail.

However, the cocktail leaves you with a massive hangover a little over half-way through when the author goes completely nuts with the plot. It was so effin good, but then she totally went...I don't know, somewhere. To random unbelievable land.

Notice that earlier I said it was "almost ruined" by the plot. Sans the plot twist heard round the world, this was an amazing read. Any book that stirs up that much emotion deserves my utmost respect. One scene in particular left me feeling hurt, betrayed, even a little bit (okay alot) nauseous. I even had to collect myself before I continued. I didn't even know if I could continue, but I did!

Eventhough I was a huge non-fan of how Jolyn Palliata "explains" everything, I was a huge fan of her writing style, her characters, her controversial way of stirring up the readers emotions. Despite some serious plot issues, because of what the author gave me I have to give her four-stars.

***Contains strong sexual situations

Callum & HarperThe Opportunist

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